Wednesday , 17 January 2018
The 3 Week Diet
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KETOGENIC DIET SUPPLEMENTS: do we need them and ...

BCAAs can be good and bad on keto. LEARN MORE:

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  1. Cocaine is a helluva drug

  2. Love your energy (Y)

  3. You're manic as they come, but best keto resource on the web.!

  4. I love it when u say ( this is the buissnes ) just crazy to think u been on a keto diet for almost 5 years and you look so young for your age 🙂 you have opened my mind thank you for all Ur videos and info keep it up.

  5. i have a new meaning for wholefoods..   whole cow. whole pig. whole leg. 

  6. Thank You, for sharing your passion, and time…Aloha  :)

  7. Good morning:) Yeah it's nice to just wake up and have energy love that about Keto!!!

  8. subscribed..nice channel bro.

  9. why bio gro? thought that had igf-1

  10. That supplement stack is clean my dude. Cellucor protein is my favorite, their peanut butter marshmallow is some good shit.

  11. 7000 cal a day?? wow man why so high?

  12. Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga

    Great video, do you own ZMA, lol. 7000 cals, wow.

  13. i got a snack ready to watch you eat! no food no care! hahahah. sounds like you know what you're doing. and damn 18! i see big things!

  14. Colossus Fitness

    solid supp stack brother, time to bulk up also :D

  15. nice video, maybe try next time to place your camera on something, so it isn't wobling around all the time.. you probably feel more comfortable walking around when you talk?

  16. Sounds like a Greg Plitt split kind of, really looking forward to the results bro

  17. LikeTheGoodStyle

    Interesting program man, you gonna kick ass! Looking forward to some lifting footage.

  18. What Do you go to the chiropractor for ? Is it a joint issue ?

  19. Dude your supplement stack is on point! Also started documenting my bulk yesterday so it'll be cool to watch someone else do it as well! Good luck with it man, looking forward to see your off season

  20. wish i could eat like this…. gotta cut tho haha.. and record your workout if you can

  21. Watching while having a huge bowl of Salad :D

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The 3 Week Diet
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