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The 3 Week Diet
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From the five diet to the diet where people only eat cookies these are the most unbelievable diets that are being used for weight loss.

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7. The Baby Food Diet

This diet involves replacing breakfast and lunch with jars of baby food before eating a normal, adult-sized dinner. It was made popular by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson and Jennifer Aniston has been rumored to be a proponent of the fad diet. Like a lot of fad diets, the baby food diet will have you taking in a dangerously low amount of calories that you will most likely gain back when you are off of the diet. While it may be a good way to lose weight in the short term, it is probably not the healthiest option long term if you are trying to maintain good health.

6. Raw Food Diet

Eating more raw fruits and vegetables and reducing junk food is a safe and effective way to lose weight. The raw food diet promotes these ideals, but takes things a few steps further. It bans foods that have been cooked or processed in any way. Proponents say that cooking destroys nutrients, which is true in a lot of cases. But cooked veggies still have plenty of nutrients and those nutrients are actually enhanced when some vegetables are cooked, not to mention the fact that cooking food destroys bacteria. This diet has good aspects and taking parts of it and including it in your own health regimen can be beneficial but going all out and only eating raw foods seems somewhat inconceivable for any significant amount of time.

5. The Lunar Diet

Also called the werewolf diet, the main rule of this diet is that you have to fast during the full moon and new moon phases. The theory is that the moon exerts the same influence over the water in your body as it does on the waters of the ocean. Therefore if you fast according to the moon cycles, your body theoretically would respond by powerfully flushing excess water and toxins from your body. Thanks to this you can lose up to 6 pounds of water weight in a single night. While celebrities including Demi Moore and Madonna have endorsed the diet, many experts have dismissed it as a fad diet, pointing out that the diet hasn’t been scientifically proven to work in the long term.

4. Tongue Patch Diet

Oh the things that people do for their image. This weight loss diet is amazing in that people are actually doing it. The patch that they use is plastic mesh meant for hernia repairs and it is sewn onto your tongue, making it next to impossible and very painful to eat solid food. The patch and procedure normally cost ,000 dollars and it stays in your mouth for one month. The procedure has been pioneered in the states by a cosmetic surgeon in southern California and has, of course, been a very polarizing topic in the medical world.

3. The Tapeworm Diet

Before modern times human bodies were most likely riddled with a variety of worms. There are those out there that believe that humans have not evolved to the point where our bodies are accustomed to being worm free. In theory our body is looking for these worms and this creates an immune system imbalance. Not only will introducing a tapeworm to your body help keep your immune system in balance but it will help you lose weight as the tapeworm will feed on the foods that you eat. If you think this is an insane idea, than your right it is. No one out there should ever try this.

2. The Cotton Ball Diet

There are so many problems with this diet that it is a wonder how it is even discussed or considered as a conceivable diet. It involves eating up to 5 cotton balls dipped in orange juice or lemonade in one sitting. It is supposed to trick you into feeling full without the weight gain that normal food brings. So where do I start? For one, most cotton balls are actually made of polyester, meaning that eating your shirt would essentially be the same thing as eating a cotton ball. Also, they could cause an obstruction of the intestinal tract, which could be life threatening. Basically nothing good could ever come from trying this diet and, to be frank, if you did mess your body up while trying this diet you would deserve it.

1. The Cigarette Diet

With the knowledge we have about the dangers of smoking cigarettes it seems pretty funny that Lucky Strike had an ad campaign in the 1920’s with the slogan “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet.” They were attempting to entice people to smoke instead of consuming extra calories. The campaign ended up working as their sales were boosted and their campaign was copied by all of the other big cigarette companies. Thankfully as research was done and the true effects of cigarette smoking became common knowledge this diet became obsolete, though there is no doubt that the appetite curbing nature of nicotine is still taken advantage of by those desperate to lose a quick pound or two.


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  25. Things like the caveman diet make perfect sense, but at the same time things like the tongue patch make me question the intelligence of humanity. If you are so desperate to lose weight that you are willing to sew something on your tongue so that you are in awful pain, then exercising should not be that difficult in comparison!

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  27. The cigarette diet actually works….. i mean yea its unhealthy but to be perfectly honest of all the diets I have tried and all the times I have gone to the gym….. Cigarettes are the only thing that made me loose a significant amount of weight. Before smoking i was 210 pounds after 3 years of smoking I dropped to 140 pounds which is underweight I know then I quit smoking I went back up to 230 pounds. The extra 20 pounds is from my age being 10 years more advanced.

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