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Cool Lose Weight images

Some cool lose weight images:

Wooden Remnant … HDR
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Image by Emil9497 Photography & Art
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Abandoned remnants have always been one of my favorite photographic subjects … It is not very easy to find them though … Most of the times what I really seek for are scenes of abandoned material, actual remnants of human indifference that can communicate messages to the viewer … That can actually tell a story !!!!!

And such a scene I believe is what we actually have here … It was very early in the afternoon of the 23rd of May 2011 and I was wandering at one of the most interesting shores of North Greece … The shore of Fanari … Suddenly I saw it in front of me … Rotten, broken, derelict, still able though to "show off" some last remnants of pride and dignity !!!!

It’s name used to be "NORTH AEGEAN" …. It’s name still is "NORTH AEGEAN" …

The lighting conditions of the moment were rather intense, not ideal anyway for the specific subject … So, I simpy turned my Exposure compensation down by 2/3 of a stop (in order to be able to better capture the few clouds lying at the background and not lose them in an overexposed sky), set my shutter speed to 1/320 s, my f stop to 8 (needing pin sharp detail all around) and took the shot ….

EXIF: NIKON D90 with NIKON Nikkor 18-55 lens, Manual mode, f 8, Focal Length 26 mm, ISO 200, use of ND HOYA X2 filter, exposure compensation forced to -0,67 EV, center weighted metering mode, manually adjusted white balance, HDR photo made by only one RAW shot, manual exposure setting, auto focus mode, shutter speed 1/320 s, no tripod, no flash …

See where this picture was taken. [?]

‘Unexpected’ scene … HDR
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Image by Emil9497 Photography & Art
The above seen frame was taken at Nikiforos, Dramas the village where I permanently reside … Not a sea – related area in any way believe me !!! That is why when I saw this amazing, old yet still in good shape fishing boat proudly standing only a few meters away from the village’s railway station, I was truly taken aback … Even the iron construction made to support the three huge oil lamps used to "immobilize" fishes’ attention is in excellent shape as well … All that it could make good use of is some anti-corrosive oil paint …

I don’t like losing such amazing, unusual photos … But being a photographer that places particular emphasis on the ambient light that surrounds my frames, I had to wait for the sunset to come … A nice, quiet, peaceful sunset that made my wait worth while …

NIKON D90 DSLR with Nikon Nikkor 18 – 55 lens, Manual Mode, shutter speed 1/50s, ISO 160, f 8, focal length 18 mm, use of HOYA ND X 2 filter, cloudy weather white balance, center weighted average metering mode, HDR processing derived from only one RAW file, no flash, use of tripod …

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Image by jovike
a Mars a day…

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