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The 3 Week Diet
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  1. YOUNGEVITY.COM 90 FOR LIFE…..I believe in Dr. Wallach's. These supplements have a great vibe for me and I believe my asking has brought me to this source!! ♥ & Its sooo tasty!! & So much is liquid……for me this is a HUGE plus!!

  2. I think she is telling you that there is an intuition there for you (more developed as an adult).  It's not just belief.  Here in America, for example, a donut is a no-no.  But if your sugar happens to be super low for some reason, that particular day it can work out well.  Your body knows the difference and will tell you.  That's not childish.  That's the way it should have always been, but we are all off track.  We have a lot of programs from the society we live in.  Think of all the commercials that tell us to eat at certain restaurants and tell us how good the food will be.  Then think of all the diet people that come behind and chide us for eating at those same restaurants.  They are programming us, of course to make money, and it is interfering with what we really need.  She is telling us to get off that roller coaster, and get back to listening to our bodies again.  The body can even tell you when you are sick if you are listening.


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  6. Fabulous

  7. Napoleon Hill & Abraham

    a is for alignment appreciation b is for bliss and boring and beuty and c is for clarity there is the easy abc vortex game ease and flow and flow and ease!

  8. The trick here is that often you believe you are not healthy but you don't agree with this belief. So you think your disagreement is the belief when the actual belief is there outside of awareness affecting your choices. A friend of mine died of cigarettes this way. She thought that as long as she told everyone she didn't believe it was harmful to smoke, that it wouldn't be. But deep inside she believed (in line with mass beliefs) that it WAS unhealthy. She just didn't acknowledge this.

  9. FOOD=GOOD Yeah, baby! 

  10. This thread needs some love 😀 I love you all equally! Let's get happy and then the right food will gravitate to you through LOA. I've studied nutrition on my own time and through University and I can attest that the amount of contradictory information out there about what's the PERFECT diet will make you go insane. Let all the THINKING go and just get happy, then the right food for the right time will be on your mind and nothing else.

  11. @dromycatcher too deep the answer, but I got it LOL, thanks for taking your time and sharing that thought with me =)

  12. @chelilandia
    why only women??? this comes right out of the patriarchal mind to believe that women are the weaker sex and therefore more prone to diseases. Hence, the invention of gynecology. Sure, they'll find plenty of diseases, but not because womanhood is a disease, but because this type of mindset where one *expects* disease is causing it.

  13. "Follow whatever action that gives you well being" — DRUGS also give you well being. Sometimes is confusing the message, not everything is that "GOOD".

  14. NOT AGREE. Women with wonderful, spiritual, positive etc… And they get sick, and they could avoid the disease by going to doctor earlier.

  15. @NicosMind One more quick thing before I let you go NicosMind. I have a question for you: why is it so much easier for you to accept as true the horrible things that happen in the world, all the negative experiences that people put themselves through, than anything positive like this? I'm just curious. Does the negative seem more "real" to you?

  16. @NicosMind You keep calling this "childish" & I'm not really understanding this connection. If you mean "child-like" instead, & child-like in terms of trust, the innate joy of living, & a carefree approach to life, then maybe.<G>

  17. @NicosMind At 3:50 seconds into this video Abraham says in answer to the question "should I go to the doctor?" (to paraphrase) "If you believe that this is the best way to help you heal then go." This is about placing your trust in something external to yourself to heal you. Nuthin' wrong with this.

  18. @NicosMind This is how I interpreted your response to the presentation of this video. I thought you were viewing this as a "don't do any of this … yada-yada" instruction and I don't believe this is the case. In other videos/text Abraham advises people to go to doctors if they believe in this type of action. I'll have to listen to this again to discover where the advice is not to go to the doctor. I don't believe this is the idea. Drs & medicine are simply tools.

  19. @NicosMind Ok, I don't mean to turn this into a debate here. My defining of "Positive Thinking" techniques include the glassy-eyed coworker who finds something positive in every event ("Oh, you have cancer? Well at least you don't have flesh eating disease!" or "Well at least you got it on a beautiful day!") .. I HATE this. But I've been studying this stuff for a while & I can understand how it might appear this way coming upon it for the first time.

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